Plus&Minus Labels Program Change Log

Current Version: 04a0

Date: 2015/06/15

  • Version 04a1 (Development) Date: ????/??/??
    • Chg: The code to read the content of an individual item from Plus&Minus has been converted to a function.

  • Version 04a0 Date: 2015/06/15
    • Add: The capability to attach to an external Absolute Database table. This allows the User to store and print data not able (or desired) to be stored in the Plus&Minus Item Master.
    • Fix: Editing configuration files from within the program was pointing to hard coded filenames.
    • Add: The Key: PamLabelsDatabase= to Section: [Files] so the database is no longer required to be in the executable directory.
    • Chg: Added Section: [Tables] identifying the Tables within the database

  • Version 03a1 Date: 2015/05/21
    • Fix: Displaying longer Documents did not show some of the final Items on the Document.

  • Version 03a0 Date: 2015/05/20
    • Add: Use Absolute Database to Menu->Locate->Items. Installing the Borland Database Engine is no longer necessary. The database engine is now contained in the executable.
    • Add: Ability for Users to access one of multiple Plus&Minus companies from within the same directory.

  • Version 02a2 Date: 2015/05/20
    • Fix: When setting the CheckBox while loading a Plus&Minus Document the value of the CheckBox was being determined before the Item Master was read (it was always determining the value of the CheckBox by the value of the previous item).

  • Version 02a1 Date: 2015/05/08
    • Add: Terminal Server adds a Session name to printers not connected to the network. Partial printer name match for default printer and default ship printer resolves the issue. The program selects the first printer name that begins with the default printer name.

  • Version 02a0 (Development) Date: 2015/05/04
    • Add: Program version is displayed in the main window title bar
    • Add: A User configuration file may be passed in as a program parameter to allow differences to be passed to the program. First PamLabel.Ini is read, then (if defined) User.Ini.
    • Add: To to each Label Section an optional Key: Orientation= which may contain the value Portrait or Landscape. If the key does not exist or contains any other value the Printer.Orientation will print are the current orientation of the printer.