Borland Database Engine (BDE) Notes

  • BDE and Windows 7, 32 and 64 bits

  • Configuring BDE for Windows 7

  • Steps to Reinstall BDE on a Workstation

  • BDE Discussion

  • What is optimum BDE setting for SHAREDMEMLOCATION?

Shared Memory Location
Shared Memory Conflicts

  • The machine acting as the data file server must have LOCAL SHARE set to TRUE in BDEADMIN.EXE. The location of this setting is Tab->Configuration->System->INIT

Known BDE Bugs

  • Insufficient Disk Space

The BDE has a bug where, if that space left to the next 4GB barrier is less than the BDE needs for the current operation then you will get the 'insufficient disk space' error.

Insufficient disk space
File or directory does not exist
file: X:\datapath\_QSQL000.dbf
Table does not exist

Current resolution: Add some files to the drive or clean out a bunch of old ones to get away from the current 4GB barrier. There is, reportedly, a software patch available for the BDE but we have not yet tested it.

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